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2021 – Top Markets To Watch

Are you thinking about investing?

Maybe you’re surfing through local property listings or potentially have made some calls. No matter how early you are in your journey, I’m sure you’ve asked yourself, “Am I starting in the right place? Is this where I should invest?”

Long story short, no one has a crystal ball. We can’t be sure about what events can happen to make real estate more valuable or less. What we can look for are trends in supply and demand. An example of things we watch are an area’s population growth, vacation destinations, and economic security. I’ve been doing my research on all of those things, and now I want to share with you the top three markets you should watch in 2021! 



Boise is one market I’ve started dabbling in because of the population shift that’s happening on the West Coast. There are a ton of reasons why individuals and families are moving from California, Oregon, and Washington. There has been a consistent growth in population to neighboring states to the West Coast. 

This is why Boise has potential. Investing there will offer you a return if you act quickly. As cities start to swell with families coming from the west coast, they’ll start looking for other cities to reside in. Boise is going to get busy in the next few years.



I know what you’re thinking…stay with me. If you can objectively look at the geographic layout, seasons, and infrastructure, you’ll see what SLC has to offer. Between the beautiful landscape, ski attractions, and maintained infrastructure, it makes for an opportune location to invest. Not only that, there is a ton of institutional capital coming from bigger companies like USAA. There’s a lot of potential here.



If you’re a long-time follower of mine, you know that San Antonio has had my main focus for investments. This is because it meets the criteria of what makes a location optimal for real estate opportunities. It offers great sights, an increase in population, strong infrastructure, and local economic security. With the right deal, I know I’ll see a return on it.

When looking out for deals, review the trends of the market you’re looking to invest in and the surrounding areas. Do your research and know that this will take time. You probably won’t see a return for a few years, but when you do see it, you’ll wish you invested more sooner.

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