Creative Ways To Purchase Property


During the next downturn, you’re likely to face this challenge as a new investor, which is why finding creative ways of financing your purchase should be the next tool on your investing tool belt. Even if you don’t yet have a significant amount of cash to invest, by using creative financing options, you can still […]

Key Roles On Your Investment Team


Real estate is a team sport, which is why it is important to build out your roster of investment professionals: who should be on your team and why you need them. Especially when you’re first starting out, you’ll want to take advantage of other people’s knowledge and specialties. They’ll fill in the gaps in your […]

What Does Financial Freedom Look Like To You?

financial freedom

There’s not a person alive who wouldn’t prefer to have the money to do what they want, when they want. Yet, so many people—even highly successful professionals like the surgeon from the Introduction—are beholden to their jobs. They don’t feel fulfilled by their work or personal lives despite “following the rules” and pursuing the traditional […]

Understanding A Property’s Worth

property's worth

You walk down the main street of your city and see a row of commercial buildings that all look alike. At first glance, you might assume they’re worth the same amount, but their valuations differ immensely. One is worth $1 million, another $5 million, and the third $10 million. As a new investor, if you […]

The Stages Of Distress


A property doesn’t have to go fully into foreclosure to be impacted by distress. Different stages of distress put different pressures on properties and their owners, and by understanding them, you’ll know the signals of a good deal in the making. There are typically three stages to distressed properties: public market distress, private market distress, […]

What Properties NOT To Buy

Sometimes, instead of pulling the trigger on a deal, you’d be much better off pulling the plug. There are red flags you need to look for that can reveal when a property seems too good to be true. Depending on the specifics, issues such as contamination, structural problems, deferred maintenance, back taxes, accessibility issues, and […]

How Are You Finding Good Deals?

The number one thing you need to get really good at is finding good deals.   So, how do you find good deals? Where do you find good deals?  This is what I advise clients on all the time. It’s what I do all day every day – look for deals.     First and foremost, […]

Talking Distressed Investing on The Lifestyle Investor

Lifestyle Investor

I was recently interviewed by Justin Donald on his The Lifestyle Investor podcast.  Justin and I originally met through Front Row Dads and have been on a similar path in recent years. It was great to be on his The Lifestyle Investor show and have a chance to dive deeper into our stories and what’s next […]

I wish I had no money – a net worth of zero.

No Money

Let’s take a step back to me sitting on a street curb down in Tucson.  Crying, literally.  I had become a millionaire and then gone all the way down, starting back over at zero at 30. I remember, pretty vividly, being immensely overwhelmed. Everything was falling down around me, and the market fell so fast […]