High Calculated Risk High Reward

High Calculated Risk, High Reward

Let’s say you’ve started flipping houses and you’re starting to understand the process.

You know about how long it takes to finish a project and the costs, as well as the calculated risk. Also, ideally, you have a team that you know you can rely on as well. You’re asking yourself, what’s next? Continue flipping homes until I can retire?

That’s definitely an option! Or you could retire a lot sooner by scaling with calculated risk.

I know what you’re thinking, “calculated risk” still has risk in it! Absolutely. I’m not advising anyone to go out there and make decisions that they aren’t fully comfortable with. What I am saying is that if you have made investments and they have worked, you have insight on your side that proves your system works. Why not increase the value?

Still not convinced?

Think of it this way: you’re still making all the same decisions, but the budget has shifted. Now you’re looking at bigger houses, apartment buildings, hotels, shops, you name it… distressed real estate will pay if you find the right deal for you.

Look, I know you’ve already been making a calculated risk by even considering investing in distressed real estate and successfully flipping houses.

I’m hoping that you can see the benefit of taking it a step forward and being able to truly unlock the potential of your real estate career by scaling your system.

I’ll always think about a young man I encountered in Florida many years ago. He had no money but managed to connect with the right investors to jumpstart his career and ultimately made a huge profit with an apartment complex. You have the experience that proves your system works, so find the right investors, go out and flip properties that will make returns even bigger than you could possibly imagine.

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