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Success is all about taking the investment path that will help you achieve financial freedom in a way that fits your goals. An appropriate and good investment for you might be a terrible investment for me because our skill sets, experiences, and interests differ.
Your strategy is exactly that: your strategy.

In the twenty-plus years I’ve worked in commercial real estate investing, the best deals I’ve done happened in times of recession or distress. These periods, without a doubt, create the most opportunity to buy property at prices that are disjointed from usual market values.

Not only will you find more deals during these times, but also those deals will be more forgiving to you as a beginner.

They’ll have a higher profit margin and more room for error as you put this into practice.

Introductory price for the Masterclass: $5,000

We’ll discuss investing principles and philosophy that you can apply in any recession to find and land the best deals.
You’ll also learn about the following:

and much more.

9:30am PST//12:30pm EST

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Jake Harris is the founder and managing partner of a private equity real estate firm that has managed, developed, and acquired more than $200 million in assets under management in the last five years alone.

With nearly two decades of experience in real estate, construction, and investment management, Jake is a licensed California broker and a recognized expert in opportunity zones, infill development, construction cost-control systems, and the scaling of distressed investing business.

Jake looks forward to seeing you on May 11th at 9:30am PST//12:30pm ET

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