Distressed Real Estate

Real Estate And The Pandemic: Preparing For The Unknown

Patience and preparation could be what gets you the deal of a lifetime.

The more you know about a property’s contracts, conditions, and comparables, the faster you can act when the time comes. The quicker you act, the less likely it is that you will be competing against several buyers, which can drive the price up substantially. This is exactly why I’m always researching and tracking the properties on the market.

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Real Estate And The Pandemic: Market Distress And Bailouts

How do we navigate real estate investing through market distress and bailouts?

If you assumed there would be lots of opportunities to invest in distressed real estate after the pandemic, you were not alone.

What we’re experiencing post-pandemic with market distress and bailouts has just never happened before. We’re still dealing with the ripple effects in new and surprising ways.

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Real Estate And The Pandemic: Where Do We Go From Here?

Are you itching for some post-pandemic real estate investing? The pandemic created significant economic distress overall, nationwide and globally. Coming to the rescue, the federal government decided to print somewhere in excess of $20 trillion. This $20 trillion papered over some of this distress but somehow kept the music playing. They were anticipating that there was going to be a lot more distress, but then it just kind of didn’t happen. This national debt will play a huge part in what to expect in future real estate investing.

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top markets to watch

2021 – Top Markets To Watch

Are you thinking about investing? Maybe you’re surfing through local property listings or potentially have made some calls. No matter how early you are in your journey, I’m sure you’ve asked yourself, “Am I starting

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Seeing What’s Not There (Yet)

For many beginners interested in real estate, a lot of their judgement is based in faith. How they feel about an opportunity. What do you expect?  For some, they may have beginner’s luck and find

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Creative Ways To Purchase Property

During the next downturn, you’re likely to face this challenge as a new investor, which is why finding creative ways of financing your purchase should be the next tool on your investing tool belt. Even

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