Seeing What’s Not There (Yet)

For many beginners interested in real estate, a lot of their judgement is based in faith. How they feel about an opportunity. What do you expect?  For some, they may have beginner’s luck and find

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Creative Ways To Purchase Property

During the next downturn, you’re likely to face this challenge as a new investor, which is why finding creative ways of financing your purchase should be the next tool on your investing tool belt. Even

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The Stages Of Distress

A property doesn’t have to go fully into foreclosure to be impacted by distress. Different stages of distress put different pressures on properties and their owners, and by understanding them, you’ll know the signals of

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What Properties NOT To Buy

Sometimes, instead of pulling the trigger on a deal, you’d be much better off pulling the plug. There are red flags you need to look for that can reveal when a property seems too good

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This path can lead you to financial freedom, which means you don’t have to quit your job, BUT you can.