The Multiplying Effect of Scaling Bigger

You’ve done it. You’ve figured out the flipping houses game, and it’s working!

Well, it’s kind of working. You’re successful, but the calculations reveal you’re going to have to do a gazillion flips to get where you want. It’s going to take a ton of your time before you’re able to put the systems in place that will help you build the lifestyle you’re working toward.

You can make more money. You can’t make more time. So why not use your time wisely by applying your God-given talents and skills in the most efficient way possible?

This is where the idea of scaling comes in. Think of it this way: you can either do a hundred house flips or you can do one commercial deal.


If your goal up until this point has been to flip one house, amazing! Goals are important and they help us take the first steps. What I have learned in my twenty years of real estate experience is that goals are great for people who want to win once. Systems, however, are for people who want to have repeated success. Consider your current goals – is there a way you can systematize the process so it can be applied to a larger scale project that takes the same amount of time but results in a higher yield?

For some, increasing the scale of your vision might be flipping 10 houses in a year. For me, it might be a thousand. No matter what scale you are considering, there will inherently be a multiplier effect when you start thinking and acting bigger.

So what’s keeping you from taking this leap?

In my experience, there’s no such thing as failure. My current success began at my rock bottom. Every step of the process – whether it’s positive or negative – is helping you to become the best and most authentically thriving version of yourself.

I don’t know about you, but when I get to the end of my life, I don’t want to see a vision of the man I had the potential to be if I had just played full out. I want to know that I was that man and I used everything I was given to the highest possible potential.

That’s why I scale my business.

For more examples on how you can scale your business and find success that’s unique to you and your giftings, check out this podcast episode:

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